Application quality is most pivotal in your waterproofing system!

As you look around you will find many different choices when it comes to a waterproofing system, methods and waterproofing products. Buyers beware!

Following a few facts about a good waterproofing system, products and applicators:

  • Not all waterproofing products are made equally
  • Not all applicators are trained equally
  • There is not one single choice of waterproofing product for all situations
  • There are a lot of competent waterproofing contractors, best you do your homework before you say yes.
  • Structural damage cannot be fixed with waterproofing
  • Water flows downhill

A good waterproofing contractor knows that when leaks occur within the interior of the building, the roof isn’t always to blame, right?  The roof is a vital part of a building envelope, but there are other components which also play a critical role in maintaining watertight integrity for the building: wall systems, joints, flashing’s, openings (windows, doors, etc.), and water protection systems. All of these components need to function properly together in order for the facility to maintain watertight integrity.

If your interior waterproofing system is not sealed off from the living space moisture, humidity, mold, iron bacteria and mildew are free to circulate within your home creating poor indoor air quality. Sealed interior drainage systems that feed a sealed sump pump system prevent basement humidity. Open backed interior drains create an unhealthy environment for your family as well as increase energy costs.

The quality of waterproofing products available now is of quite high standards all around. If the surface preparation and laying process is not done correctly, no matter how good the products are it will certainly will have faults. Therefore, Application quality is the most pivotal in Waterproofing System as a whole.

Waterproofing is an Applicator’s Job

The goal is to avoid a failure in the first place, not to have to dig up your warranty years later to see what it covers. After all, if your waterproofing solution fails, the warranty may fix the problem but you still have the headache of cleanup, downtime and associated costs.

If you need guidance and screening for good applicators, you welcome to contact Waterproofing Junction to point you in the right direction. You also welcome to contact us for more information on our waterproofing paint and products.