Best Waterproofing Paint

Are you looking for the best waterproofing paint? Waterproofing systems and treatments provide a tough yet flexible barrier against moisture and water infiltration through walls. When water or moisture penetrates the exterior plaster finishes, it travels through the masonry, causing damp patches that are very difficult to dry.

Besides aesthetics, the problem with damp spots is that they tend to absorb more moisture, eventually leading to mold growth, rot problems, efflorescence (white, crunchy deposits) erupting through the plaster and paint, and extensive structural damage. Since only the best waterproofing paint can prevent and solve problems caused by penetrating moisture. The damp patches formed by the water that travels through the masonry are also referred to as “cold spots.”

Many property owners are trying to get rid of water stains, efflorescence, peeling paint and mold growth by painting over it. But that’s just a waste of time and resources. Without addressing the underlying issues, these problems will reoccur. When these things are caused by water ingress, a more effective approach would be to waterproof the exterior to get rid of water-related problems for good.

Homeowners tend to “paint over” or “fix” the paint problem but not the actual damp problem. This causes further problems as the constant supply of moisture is then diverted and migrates to wherever it is able to.

Our series of the best waterproofing paint products from Duram  are available today to help homeowners protect their homes from external moisture.  waterproofing paint, which is similar to acrylic wall paint, with the main difference that it delivers better waterproofing performance. It’s very important to choose a breathable formulation that is especially designed to allow walls to breathe and eliminate moisture. The product can be applied to surfaces previously painted.

Duram 195 is a high-performance polyurethane waterproofing paint solution which is highly flexible and strong, allowing it to withstand high water pressure, temperature changes and structural movement.  When it dries, Duram 195 forms a seamless waterproof membrane that is effective in fresh or salt water. Protects surfaces from corrosion and degradation.

Duram Acrylic Waterproofer is an affordable water-based acrylic waterproofing coating with a 5-year guarantee. Use with Duram Waterproofing Membrane to seal joints and repair hairline cracks, forming a flexible and durable waterproof barrier that withstands cracking and movement of the base surface. This attractive finish is UV and weather resistant.