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Since 1967 Sappi has proved that its company philosophy is an unswerving commitment to meeting roofing professional’s needs and their growing demand for quality in the specific sector of Waterproofing Industry. The full range of bitumen polymer membranes, waterproof-thermal insulating systems,and all waterproofing products in the Sappi range , are the best evidence of Sappi’s ability in designing and manufacturing the most suitable products for every specific application. This philosophy has been implemented over many years of successful field experience, with millions of square meters of Sappi membranes being installed worldwide.

Sappi Promise

Viapol was the first polymer bitumen waterproofing membrane on the market appearing in the 60’s as a direct consequence of the researches of Nobel Prize winner Giulio Natta in the field of APP and IPP polymers. We promise and are committed to continual product development whilst ensuring membranes that are safe and increasingly recyclable, respect and reduce our impact on the environment caused by purchasing of materials, the production process, stocking, transportation, our supply chain, uses of product and waste disposal..