Joint Sealants

Joint sealants are used to seal joints and gaps between two or more substrates, and are a critical component for modern building design and construction. The main purpose of sealants is to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of the substrates.

Sealants are often the least thought about and contribute a low percentage to a project’s overall cost; however, they can become a serious, or for hidden or concealed joints, an impossible problem to correct. It is therefore crucial to not only properly design the joint, but to use a sealant that will perform in the most optimum way for the longest duration.

Proper sealant selection also entails avoiding incompatibility between the sealant and the substrate. Improperly chosen sealants can cause staining or etching of the substrate and loss of sealant adhesion.


Alchimica range of joint sealants

Based on novel polyurethane-hybrid technology and cover applications such as:

• Civil engineering construction joints
• Façade joints
• Window-door insulation
• Water tanks-sewage treatment plants
• Bridge deck
• D.I.Y.

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