Roof Waterproofing – Evergarden Anti-Root

Need to waterproof your roof or have a garden roof. Get the Evergarden anti-root membrane from Waterproof Junction today.

A roof is exposed to severe weather conditions throughout the year. If a Roof is not waterproofed properly, it leads to damp patches on the ceiling. In case of severe cases, water seeps down and results in leakages.

Roof waterproofing is a very critical area as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains. The terrace surface tends to accumulate rain water which in due course starts seeping inside the slab. Over time the deterioration of the surface will increase leading to more damage.

It is very much essential to plan for waterproofing your house before starting the new construction. Generally, there are 4 critical areas in a house from which water starts seeping inside

  • Roof,
  • Bathroom & Kitchen,
  • External Walls,
  • Foundation.

Following areas need to be given special attention while waterproofing

  • Pipes running over the roof or parapet wall
  • Electric wires or cables conduits
  • Rain water drain outlets with proper size and number
  • Threshold at the stair case door
  • Water tank, dish antenna, split AC unit bases
  • During surface preparation an important thing is the fitting of drain outlets

Waterproof Junction a waterproofing supplier has a product Evergarden anti-root membrane that contains an additive to inhibit root penetration where the final layer is in direct contact with soil to provide a continuous waterproofing even at the joints. It is compatible with traditional or Phase flame free thermo-adhesive (heat activated) underlay. It can be used roof gardens, planter’s foundations, tunnels bridges etc.

If you want to find out more click here for a detailed information sheet on Evergarden anti-root membrane or alternatively contact us directly.