Water weakens the structure of your house

Water weakens and when water leaks into your house not only is it unattractive and a  health risk, but it weakens the structure. Waterproofing your home can be an excellent way to protect your structure and property from water damage throughout the year. Leaking roofs, unsealed balconies and rising damp are common causes. The summer season is the best time to carry out damp and waterproofing works on your property, especially if your property has suffered from damp issues during the cold and damper months. Problems such as rising damp and penetrating damp don’t only weakens the structure but can cause structural issues as well as health issues to the property occupiers, it therefore better to solve the damp issue earlier rather than later.

Correctly diagnosing the cause of the damp is one of the most important steps to take before rectifying the problem and selecting the correct damp proofing products for the job. Take the time to seal roof tiles and repair broken tiles. Make sure your balcony has proper drainage after storms and seal shower walls. Damp proofing is quite technical and is best left to the professionals, but be sure to use an expert that is affiliated to the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa Waterproofing Federation of South Africa. It is much better to solve the root cause of the problem than simply to make a temporary decorative repair.

Penetrating damp from rain  takes place when parts of the building are defective, such as when a roof leaks or guttering malfunctions.  This allows water to saturate the walls into the property and in a short time, stain and damage the internal structure.

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