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Contractor – Baily Projects at work with one of WP Junction’s accredited applicators. WP Junction’s Bituprime & Bitusilver together with 4mm sappi torch.


BITUPRIME is a solvent-based bituminous priming and sealing solution. The product is a low-viscosity primer for concrete and all other masonry surfaces. BITUPRIME can also be used on metal surfaces, such as steel and galvanized sheeting.

Bituprime - Waterproofing Products - Waterproof Junction


BITUSILVER is a reflective bitumen aluminium paint used to protect bitumen and torch-on roofing finishes from UV degradation. The product is easy to use and easy to apply. BITUSILVER is highly flexible and durable.

Bitusilver - Waterproofing Products - Waterproof Junction


Elastoplastomeric polymer bitumen membrane, compound in distilled bitumen modified with high molecular weight polymer, reinforced with non woven spunbond polyester fabric, glass stabilized, top face coated with hot-bonded slate granules. Thanks to meticuolous selection of raw materials and severe controls during manufacturing process the product’s durable quality is garanteed.